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Sierra Leonean Communities Forge Alliance to Combat Kush Epidemic

In the battle against the rampant spread of the illegal drug Kush in Sierra Leone, local communities have emerged as pivotal players in the fight against this substance. With its harmful effects permeating urban areas, these communities have taken the reins, spearheading efforts to curb the trade, addiction, and subsequent problems associated with Kush.

Kush is a substance rolled up and smoked like a cigarette or cannabis. But the illegal synthetic drug known as kush is not to be mistaken with the synonymous marijuana strain. Rising cases in Sierra Leone and Guinea have shown that the drug is dangerous: After a few puffs, the consumer is left stoned, unable to stand upright.

According to the National Political Prophet, recognising the severity of the situation, concerned citizens are taking a proactive stance, and from what we have witnessed so far, the current situation in the country is not encouraging. We do not want the youth to take the law into their hands. We call on all authorities responsible, especially the drug enforcement agency, to treat this as an utmost urgency in addressing drug-related issues. There is a need for a clear path, and these and other things prove that the 'war on drugs' is a war on humans.

It is reported that some leaders within these communities are volunteering their time and energy to lead the charge against Kush. Through education and awareness campaigns, they are working diligently to inform addicts and potential users about the severe risks posed by this substance. By taking such decisive action, these community leaders claim they are undeniably safeguarding lives and making a lasting impact on their neighbourhoods.

However, these communities acknowledge that addressing this critical situation requires more than just enforcement. While economic prosperity and job opportunities undoubtedly play a role in steering Sierra Leone's youth towards positive paths, fostering empathy and respect is equally vital. Engaging with young people, offering them avenues to express themselves, and providing harm reduction services can instil a sense of purpose, helping them envision brighter futures and contribute positively to society.

As Sierra Leone grapples with the complexities of the Kush epidemic, it becomes increasingly evident that the government must lend substantial focus to this pressing matter. The situation calls for the immediate attention of HE President Julius Maada Bio and every citizen of Sierra Leone.

“The current trend of illicit drug-related activities in Sierra Leone stands the chance to undermine the long-term impact of the country’s prestigious human capital development effort if not immediately addressed.”Prince Bull-Luseni, Executive Director, WADPN.

It is only through united efforts, encompassing both community-driven initiatives and government action, that Sierra Leone can successfully combat the rampant usage of Kush and its related problems. By addressing this issue head-on, the nation has the potential to transform its future and ensure the well-being of its youth.

It is evidence that the illegal regulation of drugs is causing more harm than good. It is long overdue that authorities must rethink drug policies to save lives. We are, therefore, calling on responsible the government and the law enforcement agency to act urgently as the current situation in the country is concerning that the youths are losing their patients and have taken the law into their hands to deal with the trafficker, users, and suppliers of the substance.

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