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2023 Global Day of Action: Support. Don't Punish

Marked by the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), Global Day of Action occurs annually on June 26th; its aim promoting sustainable alternatives worldwide against the destructive drug policies that have persisted for decades. During this crucial event, individuals come together in unity in response to these controversial policies' adverse impacts.

Over the years, drug policies worldwide have faced significant criticism for their adverse effects on vulnerable communities. Women, poor people and ethnic minorities often face particularly harsh penalties under such policies. The annual Global Day of Action stands out as an initiative dedicated to resisting these policies while championing sustainable alternatives like drug decriminalisation or harm reduction.

The latter approach recognises that substance abuse is more a health issue than a legal one and seeks to prevent related harms, including disease spread, by providing safe needles, overdose treatments and other support. In contrast to legalisation, drug decriminalisation advocates for no criminal repercussions related to drug possession and use, which acknowledges it as a choice made by individuals themselves.

The "war on drugs" may have been well-intentioned when it began decades ago, but its failure is beyond question today.

Continuing down this path will only continue an endless cycle of harm against individuals and society at large - particularly marginalised populations such as low-income citizens and people of colour who bear disproportionate burdens under current laws. The Global Day of Action aims instead towards promoting smarter policies prioritising treatment options over prosecution and prevention over predation designed for users' long-term well-being above all else in hopes for positive change toward tackling one of our generation's most pressing concerns: substance abuse disorder management. Every year, activists around the world commemorate the Global Day of Action, an essential movement aimed at advancing sustainable solutions in response to the war on drugs.

In conclusion, the Global Day of Action is an essential initiative to promote sustainable alternatives to the war on drugs. It is a call to action for people to unite, stand against harmful drug policies, and promote approaches prioritising public health and human rights. By working together, we can create a world where drug use is treated with compassion and understanding, and everyone has the support they need to live their best lives.

Are you organising? Join this year's campaign by submitting a 'call for expression of interest' before April 28th 2023!



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