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Ghana Chapter of West Africa Drug Policy Network Sends Out a Call for Applications: Training for Jou

Application Deadline: 29 July, 2015  (5:00pm)

Topic: The role of Journalist in developing an evidenced based policy and drug strategy for Ghana

Venue: GIJ PRESS HALL, Accra, Ghana

Event Date: Wednesday AUGUST 5, 2015

The Ghana Chapter of the West Africa Drug Policy Network and the West Africa Behavioural Health Addiction and Recovery Management Foundation (WABHARM-Ghana) in collaboration with the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) and with support from the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) and the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) invite applications from media practitioners to a one day training on the above mentioned theme.

The training aims to provide media practitioners with an increased understanding of addiction and its different models, including the role of the brain in the process of addiction. It will expose journalists to the unique challenges faced by drug users in integrating into society.

This training will enhance participants’ understanding of the socio-economic impact of drug addicts on families, communities, regions and the country. In addition, it will enable journalists to better understand the relationship between drug and alcohol addiction to petty crimes, trigger offences and organised crime in relation to socio-political issues like national security, governance and the entire political process.

Furthermore, the training will empower local media practitioners through knowledge on the latest scientific evidence on addiction, historic approach versus novel approach to drug policy issues. These will sharpen journalists’ reporting skills and will guide media practitioners in their reporting of addiction related topics from an informed perspective.

The training will also invoke critical reflections from media practitioners aimed at shaping better policies that will facilitate the process of tackling the impact of drugs through informed, humane and coordinated policy. It will sharpen journalists’ understanding and reporting skills on events related to drug trafficking, use and drug policy in Ghana.

Objectives for the Training

The training seeks to sharpen journalists’ understanding of drug issues in the country in view of harnessing their information gathering and reporting skills on drug related issues.

The training will provide an opportunity for participants to gain a better understanding of how they can utilise their unique positions as opinion leaders and agenda setters in Ghana to strategically and consistently cover drug related issues in the country in a way that will holistically benefit all sectors of the Ghanaian populace.


The sessions will be highly instructive and interactive. Participants will benefit from lecture sessions to expatiate on the nature of drug policies in Ghana and the impact it has on socio-economic development.

Participants will work in groups to brainstorm on best ways to cover drug related events in the country.

Who Should Apply

Applications are open to media practitioners working in Ghana.

The instructive course is open to all journalists in Ghana.

Independent reporters and bloggers are also eligible to apply.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit the following documents

1) Detailed curriculum vitae. This must show their current role in the media industry or position in a media house if it applies.

2) A one page letter of motivation stating the following:

(a) why you want to take part in this course

(b) how you would use the knowledge gained from this course

(c) how you perceive the current reportage of drug related events and how it can be enhanced

3) Applicants who have previously published stories related to drug issues in the country are highly encouraged to apply.

They must provide links or clippings of previous reports on any drug related issues if available.

All applications must be submitted to Emmanuel Bensah via email and ‘cc’ Maria Goretti-Ane via email on or before Wednesday 29 July, 2015 at 5pm



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