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Joint statement at reconvened CND: The Death Penalty for Drug-Related Offences

Statement made jointly by: Amnesty International, Harm Reduction International, International Drug Policy Consortium, Penal Reform International, Reprieve, the World Federation Against the Death Penalty and the Anti Death Penalty Asia Network

We, the undersigned organisations, oppose the death penalty in all cases without exception and under all circumstances. Within the context of drug policies, and in light of the forthcoming UN General Assembly Special Session on drugs to be held in April 2016, we call on States to:

  1. Take immediate measures to halt executions, commute death sentences, and abolish the death penalty for drug-related offences as a first step towards its full abolition.

  1. Promote the abolition of the death penalty, including for drug-related offences, and the implementation of effective and evidence-based drugs policies that respect and protect human dignity, the rule of law and human rights.

  1. Ensure that drug policies and programmes are implemented in full compliance with international law and standards and that programmes to implement the UN Drug Conventions do not contribute to the use of the death penalty.

  1. Ensure transparency with regards to death sentences and executions.

  1. Request UNODC to conduct an annual review of the implementation of its human rights guidance in States receiving programmatic funding, the findings of which should be published annually to the CND by the Executive Director.

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