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Tramadol king of Pain Relief Drug Currently Abused in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone remains a hub for trafficking for drugs to Europe, North America and Asia there is also an increase in the consumption of heroin and cocaine. Major drugs used and trafficked in Sierra Leone include “cannabis”, heroin and cocaine. Cannabis is the most widely used drug in Sierra Leone, while cocaine is used by affluent people, Sierra Leone is also getting notorious for exporting cannabis to other nations both far and near. On June 176 2016, the French customs coastguard service together with the Spanish customs patrol teams arrested a ship flying the flag of Sierra Leone in the Mediterranean, and seized 2.1 tons of cannabis resin concealed in a secured cache,” who is behind it remains a myth as nothing was said about it back in Sierra Leone, it’s an open secret the high and might are involved, but they are the untouchables.

Whiles too much attention is paid to the downthrown youth who use cannabis (diamba) in Sierra Leone, they handout are constantly raided, drag into our magistrate court across the country, sentence or fined on a weekly bases, because we believe diamba the devils weed is only used by criminals- a big error, we have criminalized those poor users, thus we have place serious financial burden on our Justice sector. We are so focus on cannabis sativa use in Sierra Leone that we are losing sight of the emerging substances now widely abused by young people in Sierra Leone.

Tranquilizers such as Phenergan and diazepam are also being abused in Sierra Leone; diazepam is widely used by call-girls, who often administer it into the drinks and food of their wealthy client and steal  away with their valuables like cell phones, watches, and money. Today there is a worrisome concerned by citizens of Sierra Leone, especially   Kenema district in the Eastern Provence, over the abuse of Tramadol –which has emerged the King of pain relief drug abuse in that part of court. According to the senior correspondent of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Cooperation-(SLBC), one Saffa Moriba on the popular Radio Morning Programme “Morning Coffee” aired Mondays’ to Fridays’ at the SLBC. 

Saffa reported of an increased in the spate of violence in the district, with almost all the perpetrators being under influence of Tramadol, according police officers who arrest them.  One Tamba Bufa a staff of The Pharmacy Board made it abundantly clear that only the 50mg and 100mg Tramadol is legally allowed for sale in drug stores and license  pharmacy( also depending on the class of license issued to drug store and pharmacy) across the country. He further stated that there is a substantial presence illegal Tramadol from neighbouring countries of the Republic of Guinea and Liberia because of our numerous porous entry point from the two countries. This illegal Tramadol are 150 mg, 200mg, 250mg and 300mg. 

The Pharmacy Broad in collaboration with the Trans Organized Crime Unite conducted raids in notorious drug areas, in Freetown and other part of the country, drug paddlers were arrested a huge quantity of illegal Tramadol confiscated during the process; those arrested were charge to court and fine, because their fines fall below five hundred thousand Leones the Legal Aid Broad Advocated for their release.

The proliferation of cheap alcohol produced by India foreign nationals in the country is compounding the situation of substance abuse in Sierra Leone. This alcohol which real alcoholic content is not stated on the sachet, that are sole in very street Conner across the country is mixed with  Tramadol and tranquilizers like Phenergan and diazepam and consumed in large quantity by young people, accurse the country. It is worrisome concern to the citizenry, especially, when we in our electioneering period. Because of the years wick politicians have been providing cheap substance to youth, and under the influence of such substance they do violence to their political opponents.

Saa Matthias D BENDU: National Coordinator Development Initiative and Hope for the Vulnerable and Director of Communication and Outreach West Africa Drug Policy Network Sierra Leone Chapter



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